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Rocking Horse Gift Basket – New Baby Gifts – Free Shipping

It can be pretty hard to find a baby gift that would last a long time – babies tend to grow at a fast rate and edible baby gifts can only last for a few hours. This is the reason why most people find it hard to look for the perfect baby shower gift. Or [...]

Footprint Photo Frame – First Steps Footprint Frame – Free Shipping

Celebrate your little one’s milestones in life with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ First Steps Footprint Frame! This 11×14 framed keepsake features a unique way of commemorating your child’s first step via a poem as well as a place for your baby’s photograph and his or her footprint. Included in the sheer ivory pouch is a [...]

Personalized Baby Frame – Beaded Baby Silver Picture Frames – Free Shipping

Pictures can mean a thousand words, and if those thousand words were all about how cute and special your little one is, you’d most probably want to keep them intact. What better way to keep your little one’s most precious picture intact than to have it placed in Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Beaded Baby Silver [...]

Baby Shower Presents – Personalized Welcome Wagon – Unisex – Free Shipping

Make the new mom’s and the little one’s coming home a special one with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Personalized Unisex Welcome Home Wagon gift set. This gift is perfect for both sexes so you need not worry about picking out the wrong gift. It is made even more special by the following: embroidered baby bib [...]

Baby Basket Gift Boy New – Bear Essentials Gift Set – Free Shipping

Give the newborn baby boy the gift that’s distinctively adorable and sweet – Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Bear Essentials Gift Set.    This unique gift set comes with a 30×40 plush satin-lined baby blanket that you can have personalized with your little one’s first name and date of birth and a 10. inch teddy bear. [...]

Twins Gifts – Welcome Wagon Personalized – Free Shipping

Celebrate the newest member of your team with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Twins Welcome Wagon! This gift set for the newly born twins includes: 2 terry velour bathrobes fit for babies up to 12 months of age 2 terry velour baby hooded towels 2 terry velour bibs 2 sports-themed soft toys 2 sports-themed brush and [...]

Triplet Gifts – Triplets and Quadruplets Gift Basket – Free Shipping

1-2-3! What do you do if you have three little angels staring at you in the morning? You give them the best of course! And what could be better than Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Triplets and Quadruplets Gift Basket?! This gift basket contains everything that you would need to take care of your little bunch: [...]

Basket Newborn – Stork Baby Boy Wagon – Free Shipping

Storks are said to deliver babies, but what if it’s the stork that gets to be delivered to the baby? Never heard of it before? Presenting Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Stork Baby Boy Wagon! This newborn baby basket comes with the following: 30 x 50 personalized baby blanket made from micro fleece with a 2″ [...]

Baby Robe for Girls – Baby Hooded Towel Set – Free Shipping

Trying to go unique for your little baby girl can be quite a daunting task. Well, let Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Baby Hooded Towel Set make things simpler for you. This plush terry velour gift set comes with a hooded towel, a baby robe fit for babies 18 months of age, and a full-size velcro [...]

Teddy Baby Gift – Gund Bear Cutie Collectible Set – Free Shipping

Want to give a special gift that will surely last a long time? Then Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Gund Bear Cutie Collectible Set is what you should get.   This unique baby gift set comes in an adorable gift box adorned with matching bows and ribbons. It features a 15″ to 19″ Gund Bear, a [...]