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Twins Baby Gifts Basket – “All Twins Basket” – Free Shipping

Welcome your little angels with the perfect baby gifts for twin babies! Presenting Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ All Twins Basket! This gift comes in Classic and Deluxe Collection with the Classic set containing: a pair of organic “Peas In A Pod” Twin one-piece shirt perfect for babies up to one year old a pair of [...]

Baby Sports Gift – NY Mets Radio Flyer Baby Wagon – Free Shipping

NY Mets fan? Then let your baby join in on the fun! Simply Unique Baby Gifts had you in mind with the NY Mets Radio Flyer Wagon. This wagon set comes with: My First Met Tees fit for babies 3 to 6 months old a 9 oz. Met baby bottle Mets full size ball and [...]

Baby Shower Gifts – The Brag About Me Baby Gift Basket – Free Shipping

In every baby shower, the center of attraction is, of course, the newborn baby. Now, be the proud momma that you are by bragging about your baby with this new The Brag About Me Baby Gift Basket from Simply Unique Baby Gifts. This baby gift set contains the following items set in a wicker basket shaped like [...]

Baby Clothes Gift – Ultimate Ivory Sweatsuit Lime Trim – Free Shipping

A star is definitely born with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Ultimate Ivory Sweatsuit Lime Trim. This over-sized luxury sweatsuit is perfect for kids between 6 to 12 months and 18 to 24 months. It features an Ivory velour blend and great lime-colored leg gussets, and pin striping. If you look inside the hoody lining, you [...]

Newborn Baby Gift Baskets – Sleeping Sheep – Free Shipping

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Then, look no more because you have come to the right place. With Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Sleeping Sheep Baby Gift Baskets, you are sure to be the envy of everybody. Simply Unique Baby Gift’s Sleeping Sheep baby gift basket comes in either Classic Collection or Deluxe Collection. [...]

Baby Showers Diaper Cake – Cream Dahlias With Blue Stripes – Free Shipping

Q: What’s blue and cream and filled with chocolates with dahlias strewn all over it? A: What else but Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Cream Dahlias with blue stripes baby diaper cake! This diaper cake is your best bet during baby showers. It comes in two sizes – a small baby diaper cake at 12x12x12 made [...]

Triplet Gifts – Triplets and Quadruplets Gift Basket – Free Shipping

1-2-3! What do you do if you have three little angels staring at you in the morning? You give them the best of course! And what could be better than Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Triplets and Quadruplets Gift Basket?! This gift basket contains everything that you would need to take care of your little bunch: [...]

Basket Newborn – Stork Baby Boy Wagon – Free Shipping

Storks are said to deliver babies, but what if it’s the stork that gets to be delivered to the baby? Never heard of it before? Presenting Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Stork Baby Boy Wagon! This newborn baby basket comes with the following: 30 x 50 personalized baby blanket made from micro fleece with a 2″ [...]

Gifts For Twin Babies – Double the Love Twins Radio Flyer Wagon – Free Shipping

So your friend is having twins but you’re not sure about the gender? Why not play it safe and get one of Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Unisex gift sets? You can even go for the Double the Love Twins Radio Flyer Wagon! The Double the Love Twins Radio Flyer Wagon comes with the following: Kiss [...]

Baby Blanket Boy Gift Set – Luxury Baby Gift – Free Shipping

Feeling classy? Want something luxurious for your baby? Then go for Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Baby Blanket Boy Gift Set. This beautiful knit crib size blanket wrapped in stain ribbon comes with a 16 x 16 soft pillow, and an optional matching bear and a wipe case. The front of the baby blanket is made [...]