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Baby Autograph Frame – Baby & Kids Autograph Frames – Free Shipping

Let your little one have a lasting memory of his or her christening with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Baby & Kids Autograph Frame 8×10 Cross. This keepsake can also be used to make your little one’s first birthday, dedication, and even baby shower even more memorable! This 8×10 autograph frame comes in white wood complete [...]

Picture Frame Favor – Cute Baby Themed Photo Frame Favors – Girl – Free Shipping

Celebrate your little angel’s upcoming birth with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ cute baby themed photo frame favors for baby girls. This tiny fashion statement measures 2 ¾” x 3 ¾” and features a detailed pink and white poly resin in a shape of a onesie. A hinged-back photo window can be found at the center. [...]

Baby Shower Favors Photo Albums – Place Card Holder/Mini Photo Album – Free Shipping

Whether it’s for a baby girl or a baby boy, baby shower parties are always about memories. And what better way to keep these memories than with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Little Book of Memories Place Card Holder & Mini Photo Album. This baby shower photo album favor has the following features: charming beaded silver [...]

Footprint Photo Frame – First Steps Footprint Frame – Free Shipping

Celebrate your little one’s milestones in life with Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ First Steps Footprint Frame! This 11×14 framed keepsake features a unique way of commemorating your child’s first step via a poem as well as a place for your baby’s photograph and his or her footprint. Included in the sheer ivory pouch is a [...]

Personalized Baby Frame – Beaded Baby Silver Picture Frames – Free Shipping

Pictures can mean a thousand words, and if those thousand words were all about how cute and special your little one is, you’d most probably want to keep them intact. What better way to keep your little one’s most precious picture intact than to have it placed in Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ Beaded Baby Silver [...]