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Twins Baby Gifts Basket – “All Twins Basket” – Free Shipping

Double the trouble, double the fun!

And what better way to double the fun than to get Simply Unique Baby Gifts’ All Twins Basket?

This gift set comes with the following stuff that you and your twins will love:

- Burt’s Bees Starter Kit which includes a baby buttermilk lotion, a baby bee shampoo bar, apricot baby oil, diaper ointment and a whole lot of other surprises
- a plush crinkle vibrating caterpillar
- a Crazy Dairy Squeaking Wiggler
- a pair of 100% cotton burp cloths
- a pair of baby handprint kits
- two matching “Perfect Pair” baby onesies fit for babies up to one year of age
All of these are packed inside a keepsake wicker basket. You have the option of having it wrapped in a clear cellophane with matching bows and ribbons before being delivered to your doorsteps.
Twins Baby Gifts Basket – “All Twins Basket” – Free Shipping

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